Baby Diaper Bags for Setting Up a Baby Registry

With a new baby comes the purchase of a lot of new items. Fortunately, having a baby can also mean setting up a baby registry! It’s definitely worth adding a diaper bag to your registry so there is one less thing to worry about when the newborn comes. Use this baby diaper bag guide to learn more about the best baby diaper bags available and what attributes to look for when choosing diaper bags.

Choose a Portable, Easy-to-Carry Diaper Bag

As you start looking for the best baby diaper bags, remember that function has to be a priority. If you comb through a baby diaper bag guide just focusing on looks, you might end up with a bag that is attractive but not practical. In the past, a lot of diaper bags were totes. While this is still an option, a lot of parents find that backpacks are a far more practical choice.

SWISSGEAR 3576 Artz Laptop Backpack With Patches

Hands Free Baby Diaper Bag

With a backpack diaper bag, you can keep your hands free for a stroller or to carry your child. One great option to consider is the SWISSGEAR 3576 Artz Laptop Backpack With Patches. This fun, colorful backpack is designed like a traditional doctor’s bag, which means that you can open it up in a hurry. It also boasts padded shoulder straps, a laptop sleeve, side pockets for bottles and an interior organizational panel. If you’re currently pregnant, or you’re buying a gift for someone who is, this backpack is a top pick.


A Baby Diaper Bag For You and Your Child

Virtually every item on your baby registry is going to be something that helps your new child. While it makes sense to focus on what an infant will require, don’t forget about your own needs. While a diaper bag needs to hold diapers, wipes and bottles, it might also need to hold your own supplies and accessories.

Baby Diaper Bag with Plenty of Room for Storage

For that reason, the best backpack diaper bags also need to provide storage for parents. The Knomo Thurloe 15″ Backpack does that by offering plenty of pockets for parents on the go. The backpack offers a mesh compartment designed especially for laptops and a front organizer that holds battery packs and makeup. Parents will also love that the backpack is water resistant and can store most diapers right in the smaller side pockets.

Knomo Thurloe 15" Backpack

Pick The Right Size For Your Daily Routine

Some parents need the best backpack diaper bags for long days at work and a commute on foot through a bustling city. Others just need small diaper bags that can carry the essentials necessary for a quick car ride. Parents should carefully consider their own routine and their needs when choosing the right size for their diaper bag backpack.

Don’t forget to factor in the needs of other children as well, if this newborn isn’t your first. You might have a new infant on the way, but your other boys and girls may also want to have their Baby Born dolls and action figures on hand at a moment’s notice! Make sure your backpack can fit it all and still leave you with some room for your own personal supplies.

Make Comfort a Priority

A baby diaper bag guide would not be complete if it didn’t mention comfort. As a new parent, you could be wearing a diaper bag for hours at a time, and for days on end. Therefore, don’t settle for a backpack that is anything less that comfortable. Minor issues that annoy you on day one could prevent you from using the diaper bag a few weeks later.

Eastpak Padded Pakr Backpack

Increase Comfort with the Eastpak Padded Pakr Backpack

The Eastpak Padded Pakr Backpack increases comfort thanks to its padded back and shoulder straps. No matter how much you load into the backpack, which has an interior volume of 11 liters, the straps won’t dig into your shoulders. The bag is also crafted from a comfortable nylon material, and an easily accessible front zippered pocket lets you keep essentials close to hand.


Find a Bag That Matches Your Everyday Style

While you definitely want to find a diaper bag that is safe, comfortable and practical, you don’t have to give up your sense of style in the process. Moms with fashion running through their veins can find a lot of stylish diaper bags. Look at a wide range of styles and colors that suit your everyday life. A sleek neutral diaper backpack can match just about every outfit, but a bold print can also be great if you like to stand out from the crowd.

Think Unisex Backpack

The best backpack diaper bags aren’t designed exclusively for mothers. After all, plenty of fathers need to have childcare supplies on hand, and a diaper bag is the solution. Fortunately, there are plenty of unisex styles you can request at your next baby shower.

Baby Diaper Bag for Moms and Dads

A great unisex option that appeals to moms and dads alike is the Filson Tin Cloth Backpack. Made from tin cloth and bridle leather, this backpack is rugged, durable and up for the challenges that parenting can bring. The backpack boasts a quick-draw drawcord top, a separate snap-closure sleeve and even an interior that is fully lined with nylon. The quick-access side zipper is perfect for smaller items you might need in a hurry.

Filson Tin Cloth Backpack

Choose the Best Baby Diaper Bag for Your Baby Registry

When it comes time to choose items for your baby registry, be sure to add a backpack diaper bag for Mothers and Fathers to the list. The right diaper bag can make everyday activities simpler, allowing you to carry childcare accessories in style and comfort wherever like takes you.


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