Fashion Backpack as a Diaper Bag

When you have a baby, a diaper bag is not just an option: It is a true necessity! While having a diaper bag is nonnegotiable, you don’t have to settle for an unappealing or unattractive version. That’s because a fashion backpack can easily pass as a diaper bag, offering plenty of storage without detracting from your personal style. If you’re searching for the best backpack diaper bag, then keep reading to find the perfect bag that can cement your status as a fashionista mom.

Pick Neutrals and Sophistication

A lot of stylish moms says that diaper bags are unattractive because they are often patterned, pastel or otherwise obviously full of diapers. These bold, sometimes childish prints might look cute when you buy them, but they can clash with formal or sophisticated outfits.

Lipault Lady Convertible Tote Bag

Sleek and Stylish Mini Fashion Backpack

For that reason, it might be best to look at a backpack purse that is sleek and stylish. While some mini backpack styles look too small to hold all the supplies you need, the Lipault Lady Convertible Tote Bag could be the solution. A sleek, simple design sets the tone for attractive black backpacks that go with any outfit. Plus, the bag itself is ultra light but still offers a large interior zippered pocket and a durable composition of nylon and leather.


Choose a Bag With Versatility

A fashion backpack could be the ideal way for you to keep supplies like diapers, baby food and wipes on hand. However, any fashionista knows that different occasions call for different looks. From day to day, you might switch between blue jeans and a pink sweater to a glam jumpsuit with heels. To be the most stylish mom you can be, invest in a diaper bag that can do double – or even triple – duty.

Versatility and Fashionable Convertible Backpack

The Sherpani Soleil Le Backpack is a convertible backpack that offers the versatility any fashionable mom needs. It can be carried over your shoulder like a tote when you’re rushing out of the door in a hurry. It can also be worn as a backpack when you need both hands free to care for your child. The third option is to wear it as a crossbody bag, giving you one more way to add style to your daily look. The Sherpani Soleil Le Backpack boasts water-resistant quilted panels to handle any spills, interior and exterior pockets for bottles and even a laptop compartment for moms who do it all.

Sherpani Soleil Le Backpack

Find a Bag That Offers Comfort For Long Days

On your quest to find a fashionable diaper bag, don’t forget what diaper bags are intended to do: Hold the essentials you need as a new parent. Between a change of clothes for baby, a package of wipes, a few clean diapers, snacks, bottles and a portable changing pad, the weight you’re carrying around in that backpack can be significant. While style is key, don’t sacrifice comfort.

Kipling Micah Medium Laptop Backpack

Stylish Bags that can Hold Diapers

The good news is that there are a number of stylish bags that can hold diapers and still be comfortable. The Kipling Micah Medium Laptop Backpack might be designed for those carrying around computers, but that just means it can also distribute weight evenly no matter how much you try to fit into the bag. Of course, you can also use the internal laptop sleeve for your computer, but there are also plenty of other features moms will love. You could use the water bottle pocket for the baby’s bottle, and the furry monkey keychain will also certainly make toddlers smile. Best of all, this backpack holds an impressive 24 liters, giving you plenty of space for whatever the day may bring. Since it is water-resistant, that really does mean anything.


Get a Diaper Bag That Fits Your Personal Style

There is no such thing as a fashion backpack that works for all moms. That’s because every mom has her own personal style, and the right diaper bag needs to complement that style without taking over. Don’t feel the need to choose a bag that other moms have, even if it happens to be a very popular diaper bag. Choose something that matches your wardrobe, your lifestyle and your personal sense of style.

Practical Choice to Use as a Diaper Bag

One great option to consider is the Frye Ivy Backpack. To start, this backpack is a practical choice to use as a diaper bag. It has a main zippered compartment for larger items as well as two smaller zippered front pockets for those must-have items you always need on hand. The shoulder straps are padded, ensuring comfort for the wearer. Plus, this backpack offers contrasting details and gold zippers that add something special to the everyday. The combination of form and function makes it a contender for any new mom who also happens to be a fashionista.

Frye Ivy Backpack

Baby Diaper Bag for Fashionista Moms

Diaper bags don’t have to be something that brings down your style profile. In fact, the right diaper bag can actually add to your look. The key is finding a bag that can be practical, comfortable and still stylish. Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful and attractive options to choose from that fashionista moms will love.


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