Comfortably Carry around Baby Supplies with a Baby Backpack Diaper Bag

A backpack diaper bag is the ultimate way to carry around everything your baby needs and still stay hands free. When choosing a diaper bag, you might gravitate toward features like a large interior compartment, pockets just for bottles or even a great design and fun colors. All of those can and should play a role in choosing the right bag, but don’t forget about comfort. A comfortable backpack will allow you to go through the busy day as a new parent without pain or discomfort. The best backpacks for new moms and dads will definitely be ones that make comfort a top priority.

Padded or Mesh Back Panel Baby Backpack Diaper Bags

When it comes to backpack comfort, many people immediately think about the quality, width and even padding of the shoulder straps. Of course, your shoulders deserve plenty of attention, but a detail that often gets overlooked is the back panel. After all, that is where you’ll have the most bodily contact with the backpack diaper bag. The best diaper bags will accommodate users in some way, whether that is through a padded back panel for added comfort or a mesh back panel to help improve air circulation and keep you cool on a hot day. Small Diaper Bags are also very comfortable for Moms who don’t have to carry around a lot of baby supplies.

Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack

Large Interior Compartment for Baby Supplies

The Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack is a great example of a heavy-duty bag with plenty of room to store baby diapers. Since the large interior compartment can hold so much, it is even more important that the wearer is comfortable. This version of the Fjallraven has a fully padded back panel, ensuring your back doesn’t suffer no matter how many baby toys fit into the bag. This padded backpack also boasts a zippered main compartment, a designated laptop compartment, an interior zippered security compartment and two handy side pockets for your water bottle or even a baby’s bottle.


Versatility For Multiple Levels of Comfort

As any new parent knows, there is no such thing as a reliable routine with a baby. One day, your baby might be happy and cheerful in their car seat, but the next day they might cry unless they are being held. Even the most comfortable backpacks might not be comfortable if they can only be worn a specific way. Fortunately, there are some truly versatile bag options that allows parents to use their diaper bags in a wide variety of ways.

Versatile & Adjustable Backpack

If you’re looking for a comfortable backpack that can also be used in other ways, then the Sherpani Camden Backpack might be the right choice. As a backpack, this bag is ideal, and it is made from 100% recycled materials. There are two front zippered pockets, an interior padded laptop sleeve and a larger interior pocket perfect for baby diapers. Best of all, this backpack can also be worn as a crossbody bag or held as a tote thanks to its versatile and adjustable straps.

Sherpani Camden Backpack

Gender-Specific Fit for Moms that Travel

Although every single person’s body is unique, backpacks can be more comfortable if they are designed to accommodate either a male or female body. Many new mothers find that the best diaper bags for them are ones that offer a women’s fit. When backpacks are created specifically for women, it becomes much easier to load up your bag and maintain great posture no matter how many items you bring along.

North Face Women's Borealis Backpack

keep Your Baby Supplies Organized and Secure

The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack is a bag designed with comfort for women in mind. The straps of the backpack are women-specific, and they have flexible attachment points that contour to a woman’s spine. Whatever your fit or shape, this gender-specific design prevents back pain when you’re wearing a heavy backpack. The bag also has a FlexVent suspension system and a padded mesh back panel for better ventilation. Of course, it also has all the features you want most from a diaper bag including stretchy mesh water bottle pockets, side compression straps, a front elastic bungee for extra storage and zippered compartments to keep your baby supplies organized and secure.


Comfortable Padded Strapped Backpacks

Among people who wear backpacks on a regular basis, the shoulders are often the first place to hurt. That’s because much of the weight of the backpack goes right to your shoulders and can put pressure on the area. Having wide straps over your shoulders is a great start, and a comfortable backpack will almost always be one with wide straps. However, just as important in a backpack diaper bag is padded shoulder straps.

Fun and Breathable Diaper Backpack

The straps on the JanSport Right Pack Digital Edition Backpack are thick and padded, and they are even have a breathable mesh to improve ventilation and stop sweat from building up underneath the straps on a warm day. The backpack also has a top haul handle so you can lift it with ease, a small zippered front pocket, a pocket specifically for keeping your electronics organized and one large compartment that is ideal for storing all the supplies you need when you have a baby. Like all the best diaper bags, this backpack even offers a fun perk: The interior lining is a funky, custom-printed pattern.

JanSport Right Pack Digital Edition Backpack


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