Popular Diaper Backpack Bags for Parents

Far too many new parents think of the diaper bag as outdated. In reality, diaper bags can be both trendy and practical. The best diaper bags combine form and function, and the result is often a backpack diaper bag. Take a look at what to look for in popular diaper bags that also happen to be backpacks.

Features of Backpack Diaper Bags-Volume and Roomy Interiors

Let’s face it: Baby boys and girls may be small, but they require a lot of diapers! Day to day life with a baby necessitates a lot of supplies, and diaper bags need to be able to hold it all. On any given day, your baby bag is going to need to hold a lot more than just diapers. You might have blankets, extra clothes, snacks, bottles and more. Fortunately, there are plenty of bags with plenty of space to store your baby supplies.

Kipling Hal Large Expandable Backpack

Kipling Hal Large Expandable Diaper Backpack Bag

The Kipling Hal Large Expandable Backpack in Black is a great choice if you need lots of volume. In total, it can store a staggering 38 liters, which is more than enough even if you’re traveling with triplets! The backpack is made from crinkle nylon and is expandable, and its U-shape zipper opening allows you to hold bigger items. There’s also two front zippered pockets so that you can reach those smaller items you need more often when you’re out and about.

Style: Does it Scream Diaper Bag or Fashionable Parent?

Diaper bags have to be functional, but they don’t have to be unattractive. While it is important to tick all the boxes when it comes to storage, durability and comfort, don’t forget that you may be carrying diaper bags around for a year or two.

Sol and Selene Flying High Duffel Bag

Baby diaper bags for mothers on the go can be attractive, and the Sol and Selene Flying High Duffel Bag in Black is the perfect example.

This duffel bag looks like the perfect city bag, and it can transfer plenty of diapers or take you to yoga class followed by brunch. Although it comfortably fits a laptop, it is also made from a smooth, water-resistant nylon material. The adjustable shoulder strap and padded carrier straps mean that you can sling it over your shoulder or hold it like a purse. It is stylish enough to be used whether or not your baby is in tow, and the black color goes with everything in your closet.

Sol and Selene Flying High Duffel Bag

Diaper Bag for Long Days Traveling with a Baby

The best diaper bags are comfortable enough to keep by your side all day long. As long as you’re with your baby, you’ll need a baby bag on hand. Fortunately, there are plenty of very comfortable diaper bags to choose from.

Timbuk2 Rift Tote Bag Backpack

Timbuk2 Rift Tote Bag Backpack

The Timbuk2 Rift Tote Bag Backpack – Pacific is a triple threat as a diaper bag, a backpack and even a tote bag.

If you’re looking for a safe backpack diaper bag to store diapers, the Timbuk2 Rift Tote is ideal. Stow buckles keep things secure, there are reflective spots to increase safety at night and the whole thing can be easily washed in case of any accidents. Unlike some very small diaper bags, this will hold everything you and your baby might need, and it even offers an interior slip pocket for better organization.

Best Diaper Backpacks for Busy Mothers

The best diaper bags are often backpacks, and they don’t have to be bags designed exclusively for parents. In fact, some of the best bags for parents are those that do double duty as backpacks, sports bags or stylish tote bags. As you make your selection for a backpack diaper bag, be sure to consider comfort, style and volume in order to end up with the perfect diaper bag.


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