Finding the Best Diaper Bags

Welcoming a new child means welcoming all the accessories and supplies of babyhood into your home too. Among the most important of all infant items are diaper bags. Designed to cart around everything you need after you have a baby born, you’ll head to your diaper bag dozens of times a day. Choosing the best one while you’re pregnant is all about weighing your personal style against your use needs. Here are three of the best diaper bags for mothers on the go. These versatile, functional styles are perfect whether you have girls, boys or are awaiting a new baby.

Sol and Selene High Flying Duffel Bag

Diaper Bags For the Mom Who Loves to Stay Chic

Having a baby born is a highlight of any mom’s life. For too many moms, though, welcoming a new baby also means losing out on style points. Maybe the diaper backpack your mom bought you just isn’t your style, or perhaps you don’t like the cutesy prints that adorn so much baby stuff. Even the best diaper bags highlighted in mom blogs tend to disappoint when it comes to style. This ultra-cute duffel bag from Sol and Selene is the perfect choice for the fashionable mom who loves to go, go, go. It boasts plenty of room for infant essentials and can even keep your tablet or laptop safe. Opt for this bag if you’re shopping for a gift for a mom-to-be who has a sophisticated sense of style. Overall, it’s a safe diaper bag to store diapers.

Diaper Bags For the Mom Who Needs an Extra Hand

If a newborn isn’t the only kid you have to pack your bag for, think about picking up the Forge Tote Bag from Timbuk2. Constructed from durable polyester, it’s tough enough to handle the challenges of chasing after multiple kids. Convertible straps, which allow the bag to be carried as a backpack, make this one of the best backpack diaper bags around. More than just a diaper backpack, it’s a spacious tote that loads at the top to prevent spills. This is one of the best diaper bags out there for moms who are tired of their kids getting into their stuff.

Timbuk2 Forge Tote Bag Diaper Bag
Hal Large Expandable Backpack

Diaper Bags For the Mom Who is Hauling it All

The Hal Large Expandable Backpack from Kipling boasts all the space you’ll need to bring your regular diaper bag essentials plus changes of clothing, towels for the beach or toys to keep your kids busy while you’re on the go. Forget diaper bags that weigh as much as safes. This lightweight pack is perfect for day trips around your hometown or travel outings. No matter the age of your baby, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to access essential supplies while you’re on the move too. Two spacious front compartments are complemented by an expanding back compartment that grows with your packing needs.

Get a Diaper Bag that Matches Your Lifestyle

Whether you prefer a diaper backpack or want to tote baby’s supplies in style, many fashionable and functional options await you. Before you buy a diaper bag or backpack, think about how often you’ll go out with your kids, how long you’ll be away from home and how much you’ll need to haul around. Your needs will change as your child grows, so don’t hesitate to upgrade from your original diaper bag to a more functional style if you need to.


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