Tips on Picking the Correct Size Carry-on Luggage

Before you head to the airport, you’ll want to make sure your carry-on luggage is the right size. Any airline you travel with has carry on luggage & backpack regulations that your travel backpack will need to meet. If your bag doesn’t fit the required dimensions, you won’t be allowed to carry it on to the plane. You’ll have to check the bag which will mean a trip to baggage claim once you land.

Whether you carry a fashion backpack or a utilitarian-style backpack, the boarding parameters will be the same. It’s important to know TSA requirements are different than airline requirements. The Transportation Security Administration manages security inside the terminals and wants to make sure your laptop is a safe device. The airlines manage the luggage transported on their planes and want to ensure there’s enough room to store carry-on items.

Carry On Backpack Guidelines

Selecting a carry-on backpack is a personal choice when you’re traveling. However, travelers who decide to ignore flight requirements regarding their travel backpack are likely to get delayed. If you choose to carry a laptop inside a carry-on bag, there are two things you need to verify.

  1. Does the pack allow you to easily display your laptop to the TSA agent for x-ray?
  2. Will the pack fit into the luggage measuring bin at the boarding gate?

Best Selling Technical Backpack

For technophiles and casual consumers, a vacation or business trip will require a backpack with a secure laptop compartment. The compartment can be a sleeve, pocket, or a zip pouch that is padded and closed with a fastener. Some manufacturers provide battery-pack storage and charging features with their high-end backpack models.

Swissgear 5625 Getaway Weekend Laptop Backpack

When you’re planning a short vacation or business journey, carrying Swissgear’s 5625 backpack is a good choice. It’s a backpack that should easily fit underseat or overhead even when it’s a bit over packed. The design enables you to separate your personal items from your technology, making it the perfect gear for your travels. The clothing compartment unzips like a suitcase with plenty of pockets for laundry, shoes, and clothing. The laptop sleeve is a side zip compartment on the back of the bag. It’s padded and will fit most 15-inch computers and other devices such as tablets and cellphones. It’s not a lay-flat design, but it is easy to reach the laptop and remove it.

This versatile bag includes a front zip compartment with a dedicated tablet sleeve and more storage pockets. The 5625 gives you’ve lots of room to stash earbuds, cords, chargers, and treats for the road.

Swissgear 5625 Getaway Weekend Laptop Backpack

Popular Large Carry On Backpacks for Flying

We know you want to pack as much as you can into your carry-on bag. When shopping for a backpack you can push to maximum capacity, you’ll need to be aware of overfilling it. Remember, it has to squeeze into the measuring bin at the boarding gate. For best results, look for large packs that are pliable and soft instead of hard and boxy.

Cotopaxi Uyuni 46L Duffel Bag

Cotopaxi Uyuni 46L Duffel Bag – I’m Feeling Lucky

The Uyuni I’m Feeling Lucky is a duffel bag made for creative travelers. Cotopaxi is a socially-responsible company who makes colorful, roomy, and well-made products. The bag has five handles for easier carrying and mobility. A padded computer sleeve is placed for easy external access and designed to fit most 13-inch laptops. There’s an adjustable storage bag for laundry, and the shoulder strap is stowable.

The grow-and-shrink capacity of the Uyuni is a unique feature in a travel bag. You can manipulate the size of this bag to fit just about any situation. Plus, it has a top-to-bottom zipper, so you can open it fully when packing.


Top TSA Friendly Carry On Backpack Bags

All flights begin with a luggage inspection conducted by the TSA. It’s part of any airline trip, and making it through the process without a hassle requires some planning. If you’re carrying a laptop, you’ll need to make sure the carry-on protecting it supports the TSA’s inspection procedure. Backpacks with removable laptop sleeves or lay-flat computer compartments are ideal. A bag with an easy to reach computer pocket will work, too.

Arc’Teryx Covert Case Duffel Bag C/O – Pilot

For the easiest traveling experience, you’ll appreciate the versatility of the Covert Case Duffel. It can be carried as a backpack or a suitcase. A padded slip pocket on the front makes a great spot for laptop or tablet storage. Your computer will be within easy reach and ready for inspection. In fact, the Covert is padded on all sides and provides protection for all of your items. The internal security pocket is a great tool for keeping track of smartphones, cords, passports, and other small items.

Your new traveling companion can hold clothing, shoes, and personal items just like a suitcase. It’s got a sleek, minimal look, and the backpack straps are stowable. You can zip everything away and not worry about tripping over straps or dragging them on the ground.

Arc'Teryx Covert Case Duffel Bag C/O – PILOT

Favorite Backpack for Traveling by Air

Favorite travel backpacks typically have one thing in common. They can hold a lot of items. However, an over-packed or larger travel bag can be rejected at the airline gate. How do you solve the problem of a carry-on that’s just a bit too big? The best trick is to buy a bag made with a supple, flexible fabric, and then slightly under pack. As long as the bag can squeeze into an airline’s boarding bin, it’s likely they’ll let you board.

Dakine Ranger 60L Duffel Bag

Dakine Ranger 60L Duffel Bag

Dakine’s Ranger Duffel travel bag is a long-time favorite for many reasons. It’s a 60-L capacity bag that has the look of a traditional gym bag. It’s made of a weather-resistant fabric and has an impact-resistant back panel. There are two interior mesh pockets perfect for holding toiletries, cords, chargers, and cell phones. The padded straps are removable, and there are handles top and bottom for easy lifting.

This a big, versatile bag that can squeeze into place when it’s packed just right. The end pocket makes a great spot for your computer during security inspections.



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