Laptop Backpacks Designed for Easier Scanning

TSA friendly laptop backpacks are designed for easier scanning of your bag at designated checkpoints. When screening in place, airport security procedures require interior laptop-only pockets that have no metal hardware attached. No additional pockets should be on the inside or outside of the laptop compartment. The TSA asks that no other items be packed inside the laptop sleeve, such as a tablet, cords, or documents. True airport laptop backpacks have computer sleeves that unfold flat, so they can be place directly on the scanning belt.

How to Pack a TSA Friendly Bag

You’ll want to keep track of a few things when packing your bag for a trip. Most manufacturers make laptop sleeves with a slim profile, so slipping other items into the sleeve isn’t likely. However, double checking is a good way to ward off a problem. The Transportation Security Administration does not certify backpacks for travel. TSA employees have the right to ask you to remove anything from your bag during the scan process. That includes removing a laptop that’s inside a separate sleeve or fold down pocket.

Top-Rated Durable Laptop Backpacks

The benefits of a laptop backpack as a travel carry on bag are dependent on the bag’s dimensions and durability. If the pack doesn’t meet airline size regulations, it will need to be checked. If the materials used aren’t durable enough, the bag can tear and rip open at the worst possible moments. Look for tough construction and a bag that fits your favorite airline’s boarding rules.

Swissgear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

Swissgear 5358 USB SmartScan Laptop Backpack

Swissgear pays attention to TSA laptop regulations. The 5358 USB ScanSmart backpack has a open-flat padded sleeve for up to a 15-inch laptop. There’s also a separate padded tablet compartment. The laptop is kept in place with a secured tab and the computer can be easily removed and scanned if requested. The manufacturer has added some great extras to this backpack. A flip-up sneaker compartment, an exterior mesh water bottle holder, and a crush-resistant pocket for glasses are included.

There’s also an insulated bottle holder on the inside and an external USB power port ready for charging your technology. Just supply your own charger, and you can keep working on the go. Strategically placed compression straps keep everything in place. This is a dream laptop bag for a road warrior.


Scan-Friendly Travel Backpacks

Laptop backpacks should have the appropriate size compartment to hold the computer you carry when you travel. The compartment should be free of decals, seals, and manufacturer’s tags that are embroidered or attached. Make sure dividers used around the sleeve or pocket aren’t too thick. The TSA employee must clearly see the equipment being scanned, and padding that’s too thick can block the image.

Swissgear 5709 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

TSA friendly backpacks made by Swissgear are a popular choice for constant travelers. The 5709 ScanSmart has a padded, secured laptop backpack sleeve that fits a 15-inch computer. A floating TabletSafe™ pocket will keep your e-reader or tablet safe. The laptop compartment unfolds flat for the conveyor belt. Four separate compartments are layered into this travel backpack, and there’s an amazing amount of space to fill. Packing for business trips or vacations may actually end up being fun with this bag.

A rigid front panel reduces damage from bumping or scraping the bag. An insulated water bottle pocket, compression straps, and multiple organization sleeves add more functionality. We love the molded front panel for the added personality it provides. The trolley strap is a bonus that secures the backpack over a luggage handle.

Swissgear 5709 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack - Black

TSA Friendly Backpacks for a Vacation Getaway

Making sure the backpack you’ve chosen has a removable laptop sleeve is important. Being able to retrieve tech items when requested during security checks will make your trip a happier one. Easy in and easy out is best. We recommend packing your bag, and then verifying you can reach your laptop easily. Under packing your carry on is a skill worth practicing.

Zero Halliburton Small Backpack - Grey

Zero Halliburton Small Backpack – Grey

The Halliburton is a standout in the laptop backpack arena. It’s got a slim shape that loads from the top. Reach in and grab your laptop from the padded sleeve for scanning. The central chamber is fully organized with the pockets you need. It’s roomy and can fit clothes, tech gear, and a pair of shoes. The main compartment has a drawstring closure and a double-buckle, rain-proof flap for unparalleled security.

On the outside are zip pockets for a cell phone, a passport, and battery packs. A padded back panel incorporates a moisture-absorbing fabric that takes the sweat out of carrying the pack. The attention to detail puts this backpack into the fine luggage category while still being perfect for casual travel.


Best Comfortable Small Travel Backpack

Cushioned straps and padded compartments are what comfort is made of in the backpack industry. Contoured, adjustable strap systems that can be cinched to fit your body shape will make carrying the extra weight easier. It’s all about ergonomics and multiple carrying options.

Boyt Mach 1 Business Backpack

The Mach 1 is the comfortable laptop bag that keeps everything inside safe and secure. Its dimensions are perfect for a carry on laptop backpack, and the padded shoulder straps are ergonomically designed for long-term wearing. Made from proprietary coated ballistic nylon, your laptop and gear will be protected inside a tough, water-resistant backpack. Its 30-liter capacity has more than enough room to carry all your travel necessities and technology without worry.

Most 15-inch laptops will fit perfectly in the padded laptop pocket at the back of the bag. Up front is a snug tablet sleeve and extra space for all the accessories and chargers you require. Side zip pockets and sleeves are great places to hide snacks and last minute items. This laptop backpack expands and collapses as needed and is built to last.

Boyt Mach 1 Business Backpack


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