Carry on Laptop Backpacks for Every Occasion

Laptop backpacks are being used by all types of travelers. Whether shopping for carry on laptop backpacks for a vacation or a business trip, the variety of styles can be overwhelming. Top manufacturers incorporate current TSA and airline rules and regulations when building new models. If you’re using an older bag to tote your laptop during a daily commute, you may want to replace it. The older style may not be the right kind of carry on bag for an airplane flight. That’s because laptop backpacks don’t necessarily make great travel backpacks.

So what’s the difference between laptop bags and laptop backpacks? Certainly you can use a laptop bag as a carry on. However, carrying a laptop backpack will, in most cases, serve your travel needs more completely. That’s because a laptop backpack is designed to carry both personal necessities and technology and not just a computer. The backpacks usually have a built-in sleeve or pocket to hold a laptop securely. These compartments are typically padded, and some are removable. These bags often have multiple zip pouches and chambers for storing and organizing adapters, cords, and battery packs.

Finding the Right Backpack for Your Getaway

Size is certainly a defining factor when it comes to choosing a backpack to carry on the plane with you. Most airlines require your pack to be no larger than 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. However, those numbers can vary slightly from airline to airline. Some companies allow larger measurements for soft-sided luggage. International flights may require dimensions that are completely different than those for a trip inside the states. It’s always a good idea to check before heading to the airport because rules can and do change.

Top-Rated Durable Carry on Backpacks

The best carry on backpacks are made of tough materials. Bags designed with ballistic nylon, coated canvas, and heavy-duty polyester are less likely to tear or rip open. Ripstop nylon is an extremely popular material used to build carry on bags. Coated fabrics may provide even more benefits. Some coatings offer an impenetrable barrier against water, weather, and liquids, so your laptop and clothing are kept dry. Durable zippers and closures are used to keep items in place. Manufacturers may also add weather-resistant hoods over zippers for further protection.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack

Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack

The Farpoint is a popular traveling pack for a lot of reasons. This laptop backpack bag is for  students, backpackers, and vacationers because it’s a roomy, well-built convertible bag. Its combination of pack cloth and ripstop nylon creates a very tough exterior. This backpack is made for comfortable portability and secure transporting of technology. For ventilation purposes, the mesh back panel is made with a die-cut foam. The harness straps and hip belt are adjustable for a better fit. Osprey has included a LightWire™ frame to transfer and balance the load you’re carrying.

Inside the pack is a padded 15-inch sleeve for a laptop and room for a tablet and all the accessories you want with you. There’s easy zip access to the larger compartment, and the manufacturer has added lockable sliders to help secure the contents. A top zip pocket is lined with soft material to carry sunglasses and cell phones without scratching. Padding and compression straps make it easy to fit this backpack into place once you board your flight.


Trusted Laptop Carry On Travel Backpacks

The laptop backpack benefits many travelers enjoy have to do with reducing stress during security inspections. If the idea of breezing through checkpoints is appealing, look for features that support a fast scanning experience. Most backpack companies build packs that take the Transportation Security Administration’s scanning requirements into consideration. However, it’s important to note that the TSA doesn’t certify backpacks or luggage styles or designs. Having quick, easy access to your laptop or tablet during any point in your travels is ideal.

Swissgear 6752 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

We consider the 6752 ScanSmart backpack to be one of the most dependable carry on backpacks for several reasons. It’s got a TSA friendly open-flat laptop panel that’s padded for extra protection. It’s a great size for a carry on bag. It’s got 29.6 liters of space, and it’s got lots of extras, including compression straps and quick-reach zip pockets. There’s also a secure interior floating pocket for a tablet. Padding and protection are at an all time high in this backpack by Swissgear.

Getting organized is a simple process with the 6752 bag. There are front pockets for cell phones, keys, and sunglasses, and side pockets for snacks and last-minute items. The reinforced top handle is a welcome feature when moving through tight spaces.

Swissgear 6752 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

Favorite Small Travel Backpack

You’ll want to consider several things when hunting for a reliable under-seat backpack. First, the dimensions of the pack should meet airline standards. Even if you manage to board the plane with an oversized carry on, it’s unlikely to fit under the seat in front of you. Second, the fabrics and hardware used should be dependable and rugged. The cleaner and smoother the outside of the backpack, the less likely it is to rip or tear when pushed into place. Under seat areas can be hard on a backpack when there are handles, straps, and pouches to manage.

5.11 Dart Pack 25L Backpack

5.11 Dart Pack 25L Backpack

When it’s all zipped up, the Dart backpack appears sleek and sophisticated. When you delve into the storage capacity and technology support in this bag, prepare to be amazed. The easy in and easy out laptop compartment is at the back of the pack, and it’s fully padded for protection. The main chamber has a web MOLLE built-in for securing items. The designers have added a bright colored lining to the interior compartment, so locating necessities is easier to accomplish.

The minimal exterior and loaded interior will get you from point A to point B without stressing over your computer. It’s the perfect stealth-mode carry on for overnight stays, week long vacations, or extended overseas traveling. Packing and carrying the Dart is a pleasure.



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