Backpacks for Women Have Never Been So Exciting and Innovative

These are the days to travel and soak up all the moments that will invigorate your soul for years to come. Even if you’re mainly a business traveler, become the person who spends every waking minute outside of their hotel room. Reach for the stars, and you will be duly rewarded with adventure on a grand scale. Today, demonstrating your fashion sense while on vacation has become a necessity. Gone are the days of bulky luggage; the modern lightweight fashion backpack for travel has a way of sparking the spirit while carrying all of your essentials.

Work Travel Transforms into Something Exciting and Exotic When You Find the Right Backpack

Even if you’re only taking a trip to the next town over, it is possible to nab a travel backpack that makes you look as if you’ve stepped off the runway. The Swissgear 5625 Getaway Weekend Laptop Backpack was designed to fulfill all of your needs as you take to the roads or the sky. Ideal as a carry on or a complete packing solution for a three-day weekend, it boasts design elements that make it very similar to a suitcase. The laptop pocket and interior pouches make it easy to separate all of your essentials, helping you to organize as you pack. And even if you’re walking around the city in the middle of the day, the Airflow feature makes this travel bag delightfully breathable.

Swissgear 6752 Scansmart Laptop Backpack
Vans Old Skool III Backpack

Did You Know That a Designer Backpack and a Commuter Bag Can Be One and the Same?

Gone are the days when we had to sacrifice style for substance. Travel bags like the Vans Transplant Modular Bag will remind you of all the brilliant innovations that have been made since you purchased your first travel backpack. This is a backpack with fierce fashion all its own, it also features ripstop nylon that grants the backpack longevity. And when you don’t have to worry about untimely tearing, you may find that your entire trip becomes more relaxing and rejuvenating.

For a moment, feast your eyes on the removable 15″ laptop sleeve. When you need to grab your device in a hurry, this feature will come in handy. And for those smarties who like to stay hydrated on every trip, the mesh water bottle pockets on each side will encourage you to keep that water count high. With an adjustable sternum strap and ergonomic shoulder straps for supreme comfort throughout the day, you may even find yourself humble bragging to friends about your amazing gem of a travel backpack. While not every trip is going to suit your fancy, the one variable you do have control over is your backpack.


A Travel Treat for the Ages

The Sherpani Esprit AT Backpack is the backpack that will have all your fashionista friends fawning over it, even the ones who will usually only buy leather bags. Indeed, this bag is so aesthetically pleasing that many won’t realize it’s doing double duty — as an anti-theft device. Woe to the thieves who attempt to penetrate this spectacular small bag. Featuring an anti-slash bottom, zipper locks and a chair loop lock system, this pristine product is the ideal choice for any Mr. or Mrs. Smith types out there. Capable of holding 7-inch tablets and various other essentials, it also boasts RFID protection. After all, these days we all know that thieves come in many different forms. Delight in the feeling of being safe and secure while also enjoying a padded back, a stylish zip pull and a fleece-lined zipper pocket. When you’re going on a trip outside of your normal environment, this may be the best backpack for your specific needs.

Sherpani Esprit AT Backpack
Sol and Selene Flying High Duffel Bag

Travel Like the Woman You Always Wanted to Be When You Grew Up

Chances are that you had an idea of the wonderful woman you wanted to become when you came of age. Your vision was probably of an elegant, pulled-together and stylish gal who would always travel surrounded by an aura of glamour. This is your moment. Consider the Sol and Selene High Flying Bag for all of your trips — even if some of them are to the yoga studio.

The smooth nylon exterior will make you the talk of the town, while the yoga mat carrier straps will provide endless delight for yogis who crave the accessories that will keep them grounded and calm throughout the day. The removable laundry bag inside makes it simple to squeeze in a quick class while you’re on your lunch break. The water-repellant nylon makes this bag a great bet for coffee trips and even boozy brunches. Its versatility will allow you to take it more places than you ever dreamed possible. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about? When you know deep in your heart that the journey is what matters, you’ll want to find the best bag you possibly can. Travel wisely.


Travel Backpacks are Perfect for Women who Love to Travel

Finding the right travel backpacks for women can make ones trip flow smoother than usual, from knowing what to pack and being prepared for travel, while also providing enough room to store souvenirs while on vacation.



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