Features of Laptop Backpacks for School

The first day of school is closing in on parents everywhere. That means it’s time to shop for a new laptop backpack for the students in your home. As your child grows and moves from grade to grade, their backpack needs will change. The type of student backpack they want in grade school won’t match with the young adult they become in college. Finding the best bag for this year, or the next few years, will have to meet their needs and personal criteria.

Laptop Backpack Benefits & Features to Consider:

Durability: What’s the pack made of and can it take the rough handling of daily use?

Comfort: Carrying weight over the shoulders requires good padding and a balanced design.

Technology Protection: Does the backpack have a padded compartment sleeve specifically made for a laptop?

Capacity: Will each day’s required textbooks and technology fit inside the backpack?

Organization: Are there zip pouches and pockets for smaller items, such as battery packs, cords, and personal items?

Make sure your child’s backpack is not too heavy for their frame. Transporting multiple textbooks at a time can cause a backpack to become too heavy. Proper wearing and packing of the bag can prevent injuries.

Where to Find the Right Laptop Backpack

Where do you begin the search for the best laptop backpacks? Most school systems provide a list of required books and supplies for the upcoming school year. You can get a good idea about the kind of backpack that will be needed from this document. But besides the books and supplies, the technology they will carry may actually become the defining factor in your purchase. Children may not understand the need for durability and comfort. Instead, they’ll probably gravitate toward color, pattern, and brand. After all, a backpack is one of the most important school accessories they’ll own.

Best All-Round Student Backpack

There must be a brand or a style of school backpacks that covers all the general needs of a student, right? Some manufacturer must have figured out a formula for producing reliable, sturdy, and very functional bags for all ages. Sure, that’s a tall order, but someone must have accomplished that and included a laptop pocket, too.

JanSport Right Pack Backpack

Simple versatility and iconic styling comes to mind when describing JanSport products. JanSport is one of the original student backpack companies, and the Right Pack has the basic requirements covered for you. Made of tough materials and sturdy zippers, the design also incorporates a weather protection lip over the main compartments. A zippered stash pocket makes an ideal spot for keys and cell phones. There’s also a roomy zip compartment for organizing pens and tools. It’s a perfect spot for a contact lens bag or eye glass case, too.

The main chamber has a padded pouch that fits a 15-inch laptop. The pouch is stitched into the back inside of the pack, so it will sit comfortably against the body. There’s also room here for books and a change of clothes. Wide, padded straps add more comfort over the shoulders. This bag has the bright, happy colors boys and girls want in a backpack. All ages will enjoy this backpack.

JanSport Right Pack Backpack

Top-Rated Comfortable Laptop Backpack

Classic styling with great comfort built-in to the design can turn a school pack into a day pack and a weekend pack. Durable, washable fabrics and an easy to wear design is essential for kids. It’s about a healthy way to carry what you need with you day in and day out.

Fjallraven Laptop 15” Backpack

Fjallraven Laptop 15” Backpack

The Kanken No. 2 is designed around Fjallraven’s simple classic pack made specifically for school children. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. There are a lot of important features woven into this bag. Let’s start with its straight rectangular shape that helps distribute weight evenly. The inside back of the main compartment is padded. The 15-inch laptop sleeve is attached at the inside back panel which means it’s protected by the padded back panel.

The straps are a sturdy padded webbing that crisscrosses against the body. There’s also a seat pad at the bottom to protect against damage when the pack is dropped. Weather protection is found on all exterior zippers. What parent wouldn’t appreciate the fact that this pack is easy to clean with lukewarm water and a soft brush. Handles and design details are made of leather for more reliable long-term use.


Most Durable and Functional Student Backpack

Over time, school backpacks with longevity are a budget-friendly choice. What parent doesn’t like combining value with saving money? The right backpack for a high school or college student can operate as an overnight bag or laptop travel bag. Transporting computers can be risky business when a pack isn’t thoughtfully designed.

The North Face Womens Jester Backpack

Covering every possible school scenario with the bag you choose is possible when you reach for the Jester. The folks at The North Face have made a backpack that’s durable and has a slim profile. This bag can hold up to 27 liters of weight and is sculpted to maximize support of the female body. Padded shoulder straps with lots of adjust-ability deliver the ultimate personal fit. This backpack is made for a growing body. Whether walking, hiking, or cycling, your student will have the functionality she requires.

The capacity of this bag is amazing with not one but two large compartments. An additional padded laptop sleeve for a 15-inch computer protects expensive equipment. External bungee cords give the wearer a way to secure extra items. Two water bottle pockets ensure hydration is available throughout the day. The backpack comes in an array of appealing color combinations. She’ll also be reaching for this pack as a carry-on bag and a weekend adventure pack.

The North Face Womens Jester Backpack


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