Ease the Travel Load, with a Lightweight Backpack

Whether it’s a carry on or a true hiking pack, choosing a lightweight backpack can help ease the travel load. As long as you don’t over stuff them, they can be easier on your back and a more cost-effective way to travel. Don’t you have better things to spend your money on than checking a suitcase before boarding? We think so, and we’ve got the low-down on some of the best travel backpacks for easy traveling.

Lightweight Travel Backpacks for Novice and Expert

Lightweight travel backpacks can have just as much versatility and functionality as a heavy-duty backpack. Think about a small travel backpack made out of sturdy material and built with multiple deep pockets, pouches, and sleeves. You don’t want to hate your backpack by the time you get to your destination. It should be comfortable to lift and carry for long distances.

The idea is to choose a pack that delivers functionality for a variety of tasks, such as day hikes, overnight stays, or endless weeks on the road. Rugged construction and multi-functionality is the way to go. After all, you’re actually living out of this backpack. It’s got to fit in every train, bus, plane or taxi you take.

Packing Made Easy for a Weekend Getaway

What does the perfect getaway bag do for you? It provides fast, simple packing. It has a place for everything. It looks great. You could probably carry it to work, and no one would suspect it’s your weekender.

Swissgear 5625 Getaway Weekend Laptop Backpack

Swissgear 5625 Getaway Weekend Laptop Backpack

When it comes to great style and all the extras, you can depend on Swissgear. The small travel backpack called the 5625 Getaway is the lightweight backpack to use. First of all, it unzips and opens like a suitcase, and the interior is a classy pinstripe fabric. It can accommodate a pair of shoes with its stretchy divider pouch. There’s even a padded pocket that can hold most 15-inch laptops.

With side and top handles, padded straps, and strap for adding it to a rolling suitcase, this is true versatility. You can handle this pack multiple ways and feel confident in its performance. It’s the sporty yet classy looking pack for easy traveling.


Aim for the Ultimate Carry On Backpack

When lightweight needs to be loaded with power, it’s time to reach for something grand but practical. It’s got to stretch. It’s got to bend. It’s got to meet your every need, and some you haven’t even thought of yet. The ultimate carry on backpack has to be suitable for you from start to finish.

Matador Beast 28 Packable Backpack

The aptly named Matador Beast 28 is a top item in travel backpacks. The beast’s ripstop nylon construction and two-way zippers are sturdy and durable. It’s got padding in all the right places, a lumbar padded back panel, and an adjustable strap across the hip. Inside compartments can handle clothes, shoes, and personal gear easily. There’s not a dedicated pocket for a laptop, but the bag is plenty big enough to pack one internally, while still storing it securely.

The exterior is a soft nylon fabric which compresses down into a much smaller size. Included with this backpack is a travel-size case for easy compression and storage in larger luggage. At a 28-liter capacity, you’ll be stashing your friend’s gear in this companionable backpack. Don’t forget. It’s water bottle friendly for necessary hydration on the road.

Matador Beast 28 Packable Backpack

The Ideal Backpack for a Quick Vacation

Some travelers keep a travel pack filled with necessities near the front door. It makes for an easy decision when someone calls at the last minute with a plan. The quick-pack bag must exude efficiency and multi-functionality for starters. It also should be compact, easy to carry, and hold all the essentials.

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack Backpack

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack Backpack

Keywords for the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L backpack are lightweight and rugged. It falls into the category of convertible backpacks which means it can be carried in multiple ways. It opens and packs like a suitcase, and it can pack from the top, too. Its size is carry-on compatible, so moving through the airport and boarding should happen quickly.

There are mesh compartments and pouches throughout this backpack, and there are compatible pouches to hold shoes and laundry, too. Its dedicated laptop pocket is a blessing, and its grab and run briefcase handle is the efficient feature everyone needs. This is the answer to the I can only buy one bag dilemma.


Last Minute Trip? No Problem.

A trip within a trip can cause packing problems without the right small backpack. Tucking an alternative travel bag into your luggage can provide an easy fix. Turn it into a carry on and get double-duty from your purchase.

5.11 Dart Pack 25L Backpack

It may not qualify as a small women’s travel backpack. And calling it a cute small backpack may not be completely accurate either. But women who travel will definitely appreciate the 5.11 Dart Pack and all it has to offer. It’s a carry on backpack with an exterior that doesn’t look like a backpack. It’s got some amazing features that a lightweight backpack usually doesn’t contain.

Let’s start with its maximum packing area and the angled front zip compartment for easy-in and easy-out access. Also included is the MOLLE attachment panel for TacTec™ accessories and a padded internal sleeve that fits most 13-inch laptops. Your geocaching weekend or secret assignment is off to a grand start with this pack in your possession. A drop fleece-lined zip pocket makes a great spot for sunglasses. This pack is made of 420D nylon oxford and is water-resistant.

5.11 Dart Pack 25L Backpack - Black


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