Inside Scoop on Women’s Travel Backpacks

Finding the right women’s travel backpack can feel challenging because there are so many options out there. You might wonder whether it is truly necessary to buy a specific backpack for women, what size to purchase and whether style should be sacrificed for function. This travel backpack guide can give you the inside scoop on what to look for in a women’s travel backpack, helping you prepare for your future trips.

Prioritize Comfort for the Right Travel Backpack

A primary reason that women opt for a carry on backpack rather than a suitcase is that it allows you to travel hands-free. Instead of pulling a rolling suitcase and lugging bags around, you can distribute the weight evenly with a backpack. Whether you’re hiking through the mountains or dealing with the adventure of traveling with kids, having your hands free is key. With all that extra weight in your backpack, however, it is important to choose a bag that prioritizes comfort.

Dakine Split Adventure 38L Backpack - R2R Ink

Dakine Split Adventure 38L Backpack

To start, ensure that any travel backpack bags have padded shoulder straps. These straps should be wide so that they don’t dig into your skin or get uncomfortable after extended wear. The Dakine S is a great example of an ergonomically designed backpack for women. The back panel is made from foam for extra comfort and breathable mesh ensures that you don’t overheat on warm days. There is even an adjustable sternum strap to keep the backpack in place no matter how heavy it might be. If comfort is a priority, then this backpack is a smart choice for any female traveler.


Opt For a Versatile Backpack Design

A women’s travel backpack should be able to be worn as a backpack, but having extra versatility is even better. For example, some backpacks also serve as duffel bags thanks to grab handles on either side. Still more can be picked up and used as tote bags. Having this versatility means that a backpack can work for short day trips, for overnight getaways and for everything in between. If you want to find a cute backpack that can be used every day, then versatility is key.

Timbuk2 Forge Tote Bag – Jet Black

The Timbuk2 Forge Tote Bag is a great example of versatility in action. At first glance, it looks like a well-designed tote bag, and it boasts a clever roll-top that allows for quick and easy access to the interior compartment. However, it also offers padded back shoulder straps, effortlessly turning it into a small travel backpack. This is the ideal carry on backpack because of its size, and it even has storage for 13″ laptops. Plus, it is durable enough to be used for activities like hiking or cycling, and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the reflective hits and the pulls suitable for attaching blinking lights for extra safety while biking.

Timbuk2 Forge Tote Bag

Pay Attention to Internal Capacity

As you look for the best travel backpack for your next staycation or international trip, pay close attention to the bag’s internal capacity. Any worthwhile backpack guide will point out exactly how large the bag’s main compartment is, which can help you determine whether it will be big enough for your vacation. Often, women backpacks are on the smaller side. While that might make them more suitable for day-to-day use, longer trips still require extra space.

Cotopaxi Uyuni 46L Duffel Bag

Cotopaxi Uyuni 46L Duffel Bag – I’m Feeling Lucky

The Cotopaxi Uyuni 46L Duffel Bag offers all the space you could want. Boasting a whopping 46 liters of internal storage, this is a bag that is designed for weekend trips, camping expeditions and all kinds of adventures. The backpack boasts external pockets and a separate, adjustable compartment for laundry so that you can keep your clean and dirty clothes apart. It is also crafted from repurposed nylon, resulting in socially responsible construction that won’t hurt the environment. There are five external handles to maximize portability and mobility when you’re on the go.


Find a Backpack That Can Protect Your Electronics

As you browse through stylish backpacks, don’t forget to look specifically at backpacks that are designed to protect your electronic devices. Many women today travel with laptops, e-readers or tablet computers. Rather than risking damage by shoving it in the main compartment of your backpack, seek out a laptop travel backpack that is specifically designed to keep your electronics safe and secure.

Swissgear 5625 Getaway Weekend Laptop Backpack

The Swissgear 5625 Getaway Weekend Laptop Backpack is a fantastic option. Right away, you’ll notice and love the padded laptop compartment that can fit up to 15″ laptops. The laptop travel backpack even unzips like a traditional suitcase, allowing you to fit more within the bag and to find things quickly and easily. There are separate pockets to keep you organized, and travelers will definitely like features like the fleece-lined pocket and the side elastic water bottle.

Swissgear 5625 Getaway Weekend Laptop Backpack

Benefits of the Perfect Women’s Travel Backpack

The perfect women’s travel backpack can set the tone for a better vacation or business trip. If all your belongings are secure and easily accessible, you can relax and focus on making the most of your travels.


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