Selecting the Best Backpack for your Child

Making the grade requires more than a smart student. There’s more to it than showing up on time and passing course qualifications. Having the right tools is also necessary. Today’s young students are charged with carrying heavy books, technology, and personal items with them throughout the day. Selecting the best backpack for your child means understanding what designs and features will meet your child’s needs.

Whether headed for class or to hangout with friends, high school backpacks for boys must have the right capacity to hold all the things they require. Classic backpack brands such as Jansport, Kipling, and The North Face make a variety of large backpack styles for students. From studious academic to focused athlete to artistic genius, the backpack you choose will be your child’s daily companion.

What’s the Difference Between Backpack Brands?

From the outside, the most noticeable distinctions between backpack brands are fabric and shape. Hidden inside each brand is where the real difference is found. When identifying the best brands of backpacks for a boy, make sure it’s got the capacity to handle the many items it will contain. Purchasing the best backpacks for school is not only a financial investment but a practical one, too.

Making the Commute Easy for Boys in High School

A change of clothes, a refillable water bottle, and snacks are common items found in high school backpacks. Packs that provide extra compartments for odd items can make commuting long distances easier for a teenager to manage. An all-in-one backpack can reduce the chances of forgetting something on the bus.

Nixon Traps Backpack

Innovation is the name of the game in the backpack industry. Combining useful features is an art form for backpack brands. The Nixon Traps Backpack is a good choice when commuting long distances is required. Its versatile interior has lots of organizing compartments and a slip sleeve for a 15-inch laptop. But it’s a commuter-friendly component that makes this bag a keeper. A separate, zipped shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag makes carrying sports shoes to school a breeze for a teen. Spend your money once on the bag and not multiple times on replacing shoes.

Nixon Traps Backpack

Protecting Laptops and Other Technology is King

Digital gear is a part of every teen boys life. Finding a laptop backpack that protects precious technology and is comfortable to wear is a must. It’s got to be a joy to carry and look great, too.

Jansport Right Pack Digital Edition Backpack

JanSport Right Pack Digital Edition

A makeover of one of JanSport’s traditional backpack styles, the Right Pack Digital Edition has added extra protection inside and out. The interior includes a padded pocket for a tablet and a padded sleeve for a laptop. The back of the pack is padded, and so are the shoulder straps. A haul handle made of dense webbing means the pack can be hand carried, too. It may not be a backpack with charger included, but adding your own will be simple to do with all the extra slots inside. When multiple mobile devices need transporting, this bag has damage prevention built in.


Backpacks for Organizing Everything

An organized backpack can help a growing mind make it through the day successfully. When they’re confident, and they have everything they need to make it to class on time, graduation day will feel more like a possibility.

Superdry Tarp Backpack – Dark Navy

Designed to be an everything pack, the Superdry Tarp backpack doesn’t disappoint. Its sporty exterior and attractive graphics are appealing to active teens making it one of the best backpacks for school. This is a rugged pack that includes exterior compression straps for cinching wide loads. Inside and out, you’ll find a wide-range of zip pockets, supply organizers, and technology compartments. This is the pack your child will use seven days a week.

Superdry Tarp Backpack - Dark Navy

You Want Recycled, They Want to Look Cool

Being digital savvy and Eco-friendly is possible with the right backpack. Today’s recycled fabrics are sturdy and can hold up over years of use. You can find out what percentage and type of recycled materials are being used by reading the product specifications or contacting the maker.

Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack - Dusk

Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack

Ruggedly handsome is a good way to describe the Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack. With a storage capacity of 28 liters, this large backpack is surprisingly light-weight and has a padded exterior back panel and shoulder straps. It’s built of heavy-duty recycled polyester combined with organic cotton and has a decidedly intelligent appearance. Three separate, full-height storage layers and many smaller pockets will keep your student organized. Added bonuses include the interior zipped security pocket and the fleece-lined compartment for glasses and mobile phones.


Rolling is Better for Everyone

Backpacks for students with diverse interests need to have a level of versatility not found in most bags. A rolling backpack is a convenient way to travel from class-to-class and on school trips. Find one with the right capacity and your student can stop lugging and start pulling their gear. These bags are perfect for toting equipment, books, laptops, and gaming equipment.

JanSport Driver 8 Backpack

Your child’s teacher will quickly notice this convertible backpack by one of America’s best known brands. That’s because getting to class is easier with the Driver 8 Backpack. With 36 liters of packing volume, you’ll discover all kinds of uses for this convertible backpack. Its 80 millimeter inline skate wheels glide like a dream and there’s a skid rail for protection when going up and down stairs. Plus, it’s so simple to convert this rolling pack and carry it over the shoulders. Just pull the padded straps from the hidden compartment at the back, re-attach them, and you’re ready to go.

JanSport Driver 8 Backpack - Black


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