Transitioning from high school to college is a big step. Although there are plenty of popular high school backpacks and lots of great college backpacks, some backpack brands aim to design bags suitable for both environments. Find out what to look for if you’re in the market to shop backpacks that can go with your student from high school all the way to college.


When school bookbags first gained popularity in high schools, they weren’t very functional; they lacked organizational compartments, adjustable shoulder straps, water resistant material, and many other backpack features that are available in today’s backpacks. Keep in mind that even today not all high school backpacks truly accommodate electronics like tablets and laptops. Just because there is space to fit a laptop doesn’t mean there is a truly secure compartment to store it.


In today’s world, there are a lot of school supplies that students need for class. Laptops are increasingly common in high school, and they are often necessary at the college level. Everything from homework to filling out a college application and securing scholarships for college is done on a laptop today. As a result, a laptop backpack is a must for most students.


Fortunately, many college backpacks are designed with a special laptop sleeve for added security. That’s exactly what you’ll find with the Kipling Micah Medium Laptop Backpack in Black. An internal 15″ laptop sleeve is ideal, and it also boasts additional features like a side water bottle pocket, interior mesh pockets and a top carry handle. The water-resistant crinkle nylon also happens to be a great durable material that can handle inclement weather whether the student is walking home with friends after class or commuting to community college.

Kipling Micah Medium Laptop Backpack – Comfort and Customizable Fit

A charming laptop backpack that will accommodate every nuance of your lifestyle. It features an internal 15” laptop sleeve along with a trolley sleeve to slip over your carry-on handle.

The best backpacks for school are the ones that people actually want to wear. Even if a backpack looks incredible, no one will use it for years at a time if it is uncomfortable or not function-able. There are two primary features to look for when you’re comparing backpack brands for high school or university. The first feature is the straps. Look for padded straps that can handle plenty of weight and won’t dig into the shoulders when worn. Second, look for adjustable features or any other customized fit. The more you can adjust, the more comfortable it will be.

The Dakine Campus DLX 33L Backpack

The Dakine Campus DLX 33L Backpack in Carbon is a prime example of a large backpack that also offers customization. In addition to an ergonomic foam back panel, it offers padded and adjustable shoulder straps as well as an adjustable sternum strap. There are also plenty of fun features like a designated fleece-lined sunglasses pocket and a quick-access zippered front pocket. This backpack makes a great graduation gift because it can seamlessly transition from high school to college life as well as beyond into young adulthood. A durable backpack that does double duty means one less thing for parents to buy!


Ample Space For Textbooks and School Supplies

Growing up means more responsibility, and sometimes it also means more textbooks and supplies that you need to travel with to and from the dorms on any given day. The right college backpacks typically have lots of interior volume so that they can store anything from laptops to school supplies. If the teacher sends a student home with an extra textbook, make sure the backpack is big enough to fit everything.

Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack – LARGE BACKACKS

The best way to compare large backpacks is by volume. The Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack in Dark Olive, for example, has an interior volume of 28 liters. That means a roomy main interior with plenty of space for notebooks or textbooks. Plus, it still features a dedicated laptop pocket, interior compartments and durable construction made from recycled polyester and organic cotton. It’s rugged enough to last for years, making it one of the best backpacks for school.


Organizational Features For Easy Access

Lots of backpack brands offer ample space, comfort and a dedicated laptop sleeve. Beyond that, one of the ways to distinguish one backpack from the next is to look for organizational features. For example, some backpacks are embracing tech-savviness all the way, and your teen might love having a backpack with charger! A large backpack should also have a lot more than just an interior compartment, so look for extra zippered pockets.

Side pockets are the perfect spot to store a bottle water when you’re on campus. Other pockets might be a place for charging cables, pens or calculators. Even having a spot for snacks is a plus for a busy college student.

Where else can you find an ugly sweater backpack with a shark on it? The inventive ideas for these backpacks provide pure inspiration throughout the school day going from class to class. Want a hover board bag? There’s a Sprayground backpack just for you. Combining both artistry and functionality, it’s easy to see why these backpacks appeal to creative types who are both in and out of school. The aesthetic rivals that of any major modern artist.

Looks and Design of the Best High School Backpacks

Finally, there’s no question that style matters to teens. As you move from high school to college and beyond, it is important to have a backpack that represents your personal style. At the same time, the right backpack might be one that can grow with your passions and preferences. Jansport is a classic brand that offers solid colors and basic designs, but they also provide plenty of upgrades. Vans is a long-standing brand loved by skaters, surfers and adrenaline junkies the world over, and their style represent their casual, fun-loving ways. The North Face is another incredibly popular design that often embraces natural, organic design and a love for the outdoors. There is no one brand that is better than another. Ultimately, the best backpack for the buyer depends on their needs and their sense of style.

From class to campus to weekend commutes, the right backpack can be a valuable resource for years on end. As you explore your options and try to find the perfect backpack for your student, consider durability, space, technological needs and overall comfort. Then, make sure the backpack boasts the style and organization needs of the buyer. With so many choices, you are bound to find the right backpack sale to transition from high school to college with style.



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