Carry on Backpacks for Business Professionals

The right carry on backpack can make you look like a business hero. A travel backpack for the business traveler requires a bit of sophistication and style along with durability and capacity. A big sack without zip compartments and storage pockets won’t help ease your travel situation. It doesn’t matter how much you spent on it or who made it. Without the correct features and an ample interior, it could make you look disorganized. What does the carry on backpack business professionals use say about them?

Travel Backpacks Used by Business Professionals

Organization is a must have component of any business travel backpack used for business purposes. Having a place for everything and everything in its place is a guideline made for the business traveler. There’s so much to keep track of that one or two zip pockets probably won’t be enough. What about water bottles, energy bars, keys, chargers, pens, and that pesky presentation remote you need? That business backpack is full before you even pack it, right?

If you’re not sure where to start in getting the right backpack, we have a few ideas. Here’s what we suggest looking for in a backpack for travel that benefits both men and women:

  • Capacity for overnight stays
  • Carrying options
  • Organization panels and pouches
  • Padding and protection
  • Room for a laptop or tablet

Favorite Business Travel Backpack for Men

Popular backpack trends for men combine a sporty look with a strong sense of business intelligence. Being able to employ your backpack for a rugged adventure one day and the boardroom the next is the dream. Using a backpack to compliment or replace a suitcase is a choice many men are making when diving into business travel.

5.11 Covert 18 25L Backpack

5.11 Covert 18 25L Backpack

The Covert 18 by 5.11 has a masculine appeal without looking to outdoorsy. It has all the tactical extras you’ll need, such as compression straps, hydration pouches, and QuickTact™ accessory straps. Plus, it has padded laptop storage that will make security checkpoints a pleasure and an easy access flip-down ID pocket, too. There are two large compartments for holding tech gear, a change of clothes, and documents.

Rugged and business-like, the padded shoulder straps and water-resistant fabric add more value and required comfort for extended carrying. With a 30-liter capacity and multiple interior pockets for stashing peripherals, this is a win-win option you’ll want to consider. Work and gym clothes will fit in this bag along with your presentation materials. Worrying about flash downpours and rough handling are off the table when you carry this travel pack.


Try a Professional Bag with Sleek Styling

Are you updating a shared office travel bag or looking for employee gifts that must appeal to all personalities? A bag that’s sleek and tidy from the outside and well-organized on the inside is what you want. Both men and women will appreciate its clean design and deliberate layout.

Zero Halliburton Deluxe Business Backpack

Deluxe is an excellent name for this Zero Halliburton backpack. It’s often identified as the CEO of travel packs. The bag is made with Cordura® nylon and soft, smooth leather which makes it super sturdy and very business savvy. The floating padded laptop sleeve is designed to support up to a 13-inch computer, and there’s even a dedicated tablet compartment. Three separate storage pockets provide the capacity to manage all the gadgets required for a memorable meeting.

Whether you buy this backpack for yourself or someone else, its overall performance will be impressive. TSA scanning shouldn’t slow you down because all your technology is within quick reach. Plus, with so many compartments, you can easily separate personal and work items when packing for longer stays.

Zero Halliburton Deluxe Business Backpack

The Sophisticated Backpack for Women

Not every business travel backpack has to look like a traditional backpack. Sometimes a timeless pack with fashion-forward details is the better option. A bag that has a slim profile and quality built right in, is essential. Even with obvious style, it will still be required to handle daily wear and tear.

Knomo Reykjavik 15 Backpack

Knomo Reykjavik 15 Backpack

Knomo has built a convertible tote pack that has a stylish charm that’s perfect for the boardroom. Women who travel for business will appreciate the lightweight construction of the Reykjavik bag. The light ruching and front side-to-side zip details hide the fact that interior space is more than adequate. The strong top handles and additional shoulder straps give you carrying options. The perfect companion for regular cab and airport hopping, the bag’s polyester exterior is made to resist tears and snags.

Complicated lifestyle? No problem. The Knomo gives you a laptop sleeve for computers up to 15 inches and interior zip compartments to separate home and work items. The inside is lined with a light-colored fabric, so you can actually see what’s inside. It’s a professional looking bag without the stiff upper lip.


Best Chic Carry On Backpack

A chic carry on doesn’t have to match the outfit you’re wearing. It just has to have the right shape and be a color or pattern appropriate for casual or business attire. In fact, there’s nothing more modern than a stand-out backpack.

Knomo Beauchamp 14 Backpack

Dynamic, versatile, and adaptable are all ways to define the Beauchamp 14 in dark navy. It’s a perfect business travel companion with a quilted laptop compartment for a 13-inch computer and a dedicate tablet sleeve. Knomo has included a wide-range of stash pockets, zipped compartments, and pouches inside and out. Carrying this bag will keep you so well-organized, you may find a few stress-free minutes to enjoy lunch. The manufacturer uses a brighter, lighter color for interior lining, so finding something isn’t a fiasco.

Sleek, soft nylon is used on the exterior along with Saffiano leather trim. Padded shoulder straps make carrying this backpack a comfortable experience. This is the chic runway look you want when paired with a trend-setting business suit and business sneakers.

Knomo Beauchamp 14 Backpack


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