How to Buy the Best Backpacks for College?

College is an exciting stage of life. For many students, it is also the first time living away from home. One of the last ways that you can prepare a college student for campus life, tough courses and life in the dorms is by buying them one of the best backpacks for college. There are plenty of different college backpacks to choose from, but a few brands stand out from the rest thanks to consistently reliable style or features.

Maximum Durability For Indoor/Outdoor Backpack Use

After the admissions process, students know whether they are going to be attending community college in a big city or university in a rural area. In between classes, students might be cycling or riding the bus. These activities will dictate what kind of backpack is best.

North Face Backpacks for College – Designated Laptop Sleeves

Some of the best college backpacks for outdoor enthusiasts are made by The North Face. Many of their school backpacks are water-resistant, which is a big plus if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside in potentially inclement weather. Large interior compartments and features like exterior bungee straps mean that these backpacks can transition from camping weekends to finals with ease. The North Face makes durable backpacks with reflective markers, water bottle holders and other features designed especially for nature lovers and college athletes.

Benefits of Laptop Backpacks for Students in College

Undergraduate students and graduate students in college might still use notebooks from time to time, but the overwhelming majority will take notes on their laptops. For that reason, it is worth buying a backpack with a designated laptop sleeve. You can buy a specific laptop backpack, but you can also buy any traditional backpack that has a padded, secure spot for your electronic devices.

Jansport College Backpacks – Comfort, Support, and Versatility

JanSport is a widely recognized brand in the world of backpacks, and even veteran professors might remember their first JanSport from decades past. Today, however, the brand is completely modern, as evidenced by their laptop backpack options and their backpacks with designated laptop sleeves. Many of their new backpacks come complete with protection for electronics, a must in the 21st century.

Large Backpacks that Hold Many School Supplies

College students need a lot of different supplies on a daily basis. That’s why the best backpacks for college take mobility, comfort and support into account.

SwissGear Backpacks for College Students

Swissgear, for example, makes a variety of backpacks to suit any college student. They are known for their sleek designs and professional appearance, but they also offer plenty of choices.

Fashion Accessories for College Students

Above all, the top backpacks for school will be ones that college students actually like. That means they have to be trendy, appealing and attractive. Fortunately, there are plenty of brands that combine functional features with on-style trends.

Fjallraven Backpacks – One of the Most Popular School Backpacks

Fjallraven is one great example of a trendy backpack brand. Their backpacks are instantly recognizable and popular around the world, and kids, teens and adults alike love the square shape and muted, vintage-inspired tones. College students will also appreciate that the popular brand offers a variety of backpacks ranging from mini styles all the way up to larger backpacks with space for books and a laptop.

Shop the Most Popular College Backpacks

Still searching for the best backpacks for college? While there are plenty of options, it makes sense to start your search with some of the biggest, most popular brands. The North Face, JanSport, Swissgear and Fjallraven all offer exceptional backpacks with the features, support and style that college students love.


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