All Purpose College Backpacks for Students

Shopping for a backpack for college is about more than choosing something that will score style points. It’s about finding a school backpack that will make your life easier as you trek from class to class. Researching the best backpacks for college is essential whether you’re a new student or are headed to grad school. After all, you don’t want your school supplies to spill all over the sidewalk while you rush between college courses. Whether you’re shopping for a laptop backpack or smaller tote for your yoga class, you’ll find plenty of great options.

Features to Look for in the Best Backpacks for College

Knowing what features you should look for in college backpacks is key to making a purchase you won’t regret. Be sure that you know what features you’re looking for in a backpack before you head out to shop. Maybe you need a laptop pack that can keep your electronics safe. Perhaps you’re looking for backpacks that have special bungees to tame your phone and earbud cords. Making a list of the features you need in a backpack will help you narrow down your options.

Of course, there are also some overall qualities that you should look for while shopping. The best backpacks for college all boast these six qualities:

  1. Durability
  2. Versatility
  3. Comfort
  4. Great storage space
  5. Lightweight construction
  6. Easy cleaning and care

Pay attention to the fit of the backpack too. If you’ve struggled with backpacks that feel too big or straps that always fall off, consider shopping for a style designed especially for a male or female.

Backpack Brands College Students Can Trust

You’ve decided what features matter to you in a backpack. You’ve even looked at some different styles, but you’re overwhelmed by how many options there are. It’s smart to look at specific backpack brands for school known for their overall excellence. Here are five popular backpack brands (JanSport, SWISSGEAR, The North Face, Fjallraven, and Nixon) that have plenty to offer for undergraduate and graduate students alike.

JanSport Backpacks for College Students

When you shop Jansport, you’ll find styles ranging from cute Disney prints to sleek, minimalist styles. This brand has long been known for high-quality construction, comfort and smart design. Consider this brand if you love classic styles and want a backpack that offers easy-to-access storage compartments.

This brand is also well known for its lifetime warranty. With the warranty, you can have your backpack repaired if any of its major components are damaged. The warranty applies to wear and tear as well as accidental damage. That means you can likely get away with using the same backpack your entire college career if you’d like.

Laptop Backpacks for College Students

SwissGear Laptop Backpacks

Consider buying a laptop backpack from this brand, which is known for its electronics storage savvy. This brand features an array of backpacks in popular black, but you’ll encounter fun color and pattern options too. These packs are a great buy if you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice function for a great price. Crafted from durable materials, there’s nothing cheap about these backpacks. You’ll find SWISSGEAR bags in a variety of styles ideal for graduate and undergraduate students alike.

Students who travel often will also find plenty to love about these backpacks. Their well-padded laptop and tablet compartments mean that your electronics will be safe even if you drop the pack. Some backpacks by this brand also feature “scan smart” compartments that allows the TSA to examine laptops and tablets while they’re still in your backpack. If you fly often, this may be that must-have feature you didn’t know existed.

Durable Backpack for College Students

The North Face Borealis Backpack - TNF Black

TheNorthFace Backpacks, Comfort & Function

This brand is known for making some of the most durable backpacks around. Bright colors and bold design characterize these backpacks, which score big points for comfort and style alike. If you plan to major in the natural sciences or love hiking on your downtime, this is the backpack brand for you. Built for both comfort and function, backpacks from The North Face make great gifts for college students too.

Backpacks that Stand Out on Campus

Fjallraven Backpacks for Male & Female Students

When it comes to unique style, nothing impressed like Fjallraven. The sleek, Swedish styling of these packs is perfect for the minimalist who prefers a no-nonsense approach to packing around college necessities. Constructed from a recycled polyester and organic cotton fabric, these backpacks offer incredible durability and great protection against the elements too.

Fjallraven’s Kanken line is particularly popular with active college students. These packs are available in a variety of colors, but they all boast the same comfort, quality and versatility. These backpacks were originally designed for students in Sweden, who face a rigorous school day. They stand up to the challenges of daily use and offer plenty of versatility too.

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack

Larger College Backpacks to Get through the Week

Nixon Backpacks, for Weeks of Packing

Boasting iconic style, Nixon is one of the most popular college backpack brands out there. Available in a variety of colors and styles, there’s something for every student in this brand’s offerings. Backpacks from this brand offer plentiful storage and the best in durability. You’ll also find backpacks with waterproof compartments and zippers so that you can store your water bottle with confidence.

Several military-style backpacks are also available from this brand. These styles feature webbing that can be used to capture cords, store pens or attach extra gear to the backpack. Consider shopping these styles if you need a bag that can stand up to many different uses.

Shop for Popular Backpacks for College Students

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