Laptop Backpacks for Men to Look Sharp While Being Organized

Whether you’re a guy headed back to school, commuting to work, or planning an adventure, you’re probably carrying a laptop with you. At some point during your day, you’ll reach for your laptop or other mobile device. If your backpack or laptop bag isn’t well-designed, you’ll have to dig around inside it to locate what you want. Better organization is a top benefit of having the right type of backpack. Great backpacks are filled with pockets and compartments made specifically for carrying electronics and accessories.

Guys who like to look sharp and ready for life’s curve balls appreciate a well-planned backpack that provides laptop security. A safe, stylish design can make traveling across the country or down the street a better experience. There are lots of men’s backpacks to choose from, and you’ll likely find more than one to buy. The one you pick will have a lot to do with how you’ll use it.

Laptop Backpack Benefits that Men Find Most Useful

If you’re looking for a backpack that matches your personal style, make sure the exterior fits in with your environment. An adventure backpack isn’t always an ideal choice if you need to carry it into a business meeting or a lecture hall. Likewise, a small commuter backpack won’t hold everything you want when you travel. These benefits can make a difference in the quality of your day-to-day affairs:

  • Design: It’s got to look good thrown over a shoulder or on your back.
  • Durability: Carrying a computer and other items requires the bag to be well-made and sturdy.
  • Overall Size: Does the bag meet flight regulations? Is it the right size for a commute, a meeting, or a classroom setting?
  • Protection: Knowing your computer is secured inside your backpack can relieve you from constantly checking its safety.

Men’s Top Laptop Backpack Features

Leading brands for men’s backpacks include: JanSport, Osprey, Swissgear, The North Face, and Superdry. Top manufacturers build functional designs that fit all types of needs. From company trips to trekking across campus, there are specific items you’ll want your backpack to have. Features that are useful include:

  • Checkpoint-friendly computer pockets
  • Compression straps
  • Hydration pouches
  • Multiple main compartments
  • Organizer pockets for small items

Top-Rated Durable Laptop Backpacks for Men in School

Getting to class on time and with all the books and devices you require can be a challenge. The right backpack can make the process easier to manage. It should have pockets for all your cords and accessories, and extra compartments for last-minute stashing. You don’t want to get caught without that extra snack or pack of gum, right? Plus, looking good from the outside and conveying your personal style at a glance is important.

Superdry Double Marl Tarp Rucksack Backpack – Dark Gray Marl

The Double Marl Tarp Rucksack by Superdry delivers on everything a guy wants in a computer bag. It’s big enough to hold your digital devices and everyday essentials. The outside includes the super cool Superdry logo in a textured application. It’s got the side compression straps that can help you maintain the bag’s slim profile. Two main compartments give you room to carry extras, such as gym clothes, lunch, or mobile gaming consoles.

A separate exterior zip pocket is designed to hold your cell phone. It’s got a headphone port, so there’s no worry about dropping your phone while walking from class to class. A ventilated mesh panel at the back and soft adjustable shoulder straps make this pack a comfortable carry. The inner computer sleeve is padded for up to a 15-inch device.

Superdry Double Marl Tarp Rucksack Backpack – Dark Gray Marl

Comfortable Backpacks for Men Who Travel

Are you traveling with a computer? You’ll want to make sure your laptop backpack benefits you at every step of your trip. The bag needs to support a swift security inspection, and it should also meet basic carry-on regulations. The more versatile the bag the better for road trips, multiple flights, and around-the-world adventures. A traveling backpack should be so adaptable and sleek, you’ll be tempted to carry it as a commuter bag.

Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag 44 Backpack

Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag 44 Backpack

If the self-contained look of Osprey’s Transporter Carry-on pleases you, the packing capacity will make you even happier. Not only does it contain a padded rear-panel laptop compartment, it also has a big main compartment. It opens and packs like a suitcase with zippered compartments for shoes and laundry, and toiletries. A separate front flap unzips to reveal an amazing RFID organizational panel for cords, notebooks, pens, and snacks.

Toting this Osprey backpack is a pleasure. Multiple carrying handles and straps help you move from place to place easily. A top zippered cavity is ideal for stashing a passport, phone, or sunglasses. Your computer pocket is also lined with RFID technology and has padding to protect laptops up to 17” inches.


Versatile Business Laptop Backpacks

The right laptop backpack benefits daily office use, too. A simple bag with a classic backpack shape works well for office commutes and meetings. Striking a balance between rugged and refined is completely possible. A solid color bag with understated details and good organizational components is a winner. Everyday commutes on trains, buses, and planes are easier to accomplish with the right backpack for your computer.

Swissgear 6752 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

The Swissgear 6752 is a great backpack for guys who love adding a touch of adventure to everyday events. It’s a durable bag on the outside with built-in functionality throughout. The TSA-friendly padded and secured computer pocket is a lay-flat design for easy scanning. There’s a separate insert for a tablet, too. Side accessory pockets and two front zip compartments provide even more room for stashing gym clothes, gadgets, and personal items.

The main compartment is ready for your presentation materials, work documents, and office supplies. Exterior compression straps help you pull it all together for easy stowing at your desk. The sturdy nature of this backpack also makes it a good bag for hardware installation experts and equipment repair specialists. It’s made with a heavy-duty 900D polyester material and has fleece-lined pockets for fragile items. An insulated side pouch can help keep your bottled and canned beverages cool.

Swissgear 6752 Scansmart Laptop Backpack


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