Go Back to School in Style with a Brand New Backpack

Nothing heralds the beginning of the school year more than a brand new school backpack that matches new school clothes. Students are lucky because they get to choose from a marvelous multitude of bags that will suit their own personal style and needs. Because there are so many new backpacks that are available for the school year, students are opting to shop for school backpacks on backpacks.com instead of going from mall to mall, and outlet to outlet to find a perfect back to school backpack.  Students with classic tastes — or perhaps a penchant for certain Pixar characters — tend to be thrilled by JanSport’s brilliant line of backpacks. With waist packs and accessory pouches rounding out the offerings, there truly is something for all kinds of students on backpacks.com.

Built for Hiking But Ever So Cool for Back to School

These days, the Fjallraven brand is just as popular on the streets as it is up in the mountains. Students love its iconic, classic design and retro flair. They also praise the strength and durability of these bags as they help people to conquer their own personal Everest — a successful school year. With an iconic color palette that references its own kind of retro vibe, these beautiful backpacks go the extra mile.

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack - Brick
The North Face Womens Vault Backpack - Juicy Red Landscape Stripe Print/Rabbit Grey

Rugged Determination and Grit

There’s nothing like The North Face to remind you of snow-capped mountains and scenic views. And when you’re in the classroom, it may be good to invoke this sense of zen by looking into The North Face’s most recent designs. From graphic designs that represent swirling clouds to camo prints, The North Face offers an amazing array of exciting patterns that will help students get through the school day. This is a perfect backpack for college students and high school students.


Dazzling Dakine Makes Back to School a Delightful Prospect

For many students, the idea of shifting from a summertime perspective to a schooltime mentality can be a bit jarring. But when you’ve got the right accessories on hand, anything is possible. Recently, Dakine has broken through as a backpack brand that has students swooning for its amazing aesthetic and practical applications. From Dopp kits to groomer bags and duffles, everything you need is here. For those who appreciate the idea of putting some art into their lifestyle, Dakine was made to dazzle.

Dakine Split Adventure 38L Backpack - R2R Ink
Herschel Supply Co Fifteen Hello Kitty Waist Pack - Cameo Rose

The Harmony of Herschel Supply Co

From Spanish to Physics, Herschel Supply Co has been spotted at some of the best schools around. From laptop sleeves to accessory cases, everything you need to get to the head of the class is here. And if you’ve taken a look at the runway this season, you already know that waist packs are back in with a vengeance. Herschel supplies some of the most colorful and fun waist packs available, in addition to producing the beautiful backpacks for which they became known. Whether you’re in the mood for beguiling basics or picturesque prints, one of these lovely pieces is destined to capture your imagination.


Stay Ahead of the Curve with Sprayground

Some backpacks possess the rare ability to get people to turn around and take a second look. With its opulent and outrageous prints, Sprayground takes street art to a whole new level. These innovative, divine designs will ensnare the lunch room with their charm — especially the bags featuring shark teeth. From a Ben Franklin zombie to holograms, these daring designs will make art students want to take out their own sketchbooks and come up with something new.

Sprayground Floral Money Mini Leather Backpack
Swissgear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack - Blue/Black

From Back to School to the Boardroom

Swissgear backpacks have attracted a lot of notice as of late — specifically for their ability to transition from the classroom to the conference room. Whether you’re flying through the airport and in need of a backpack that scans quickly with ease or you’re on your way to make a big presentation in Sociology 101, these bags were constructed with the individual in mind. Accessing all of your devices has never been easier, and you’re bound to find something that suits your needs perfectly.


Sometimes Success Is in the Details

When you look and feel amazing with a new backpack, you can take on an academic schedule with a whole new kind of passion. Never underestimate the ability of a backpack to inspire and uplift as you pursue your ultimate dreams while going through school. Shoot for the stars — and land there — with these brilliant backpacks.



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