Whether you are gearing up for a last minute overnight trip in a nearby town or you’re flying halfway around the world for a longer trip, a backpack is an essential piece of luggage. Travel backpacks let you remain hands-free as you navigate city centers on foot, hike along coastal paths or just get through airport security. As you pack your backpack for your next travel adventure, here’s a checklist of the five best items to store in your travel backpack.

1. Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Packing a waterproof jacket in your travel backpack should be an obvious choice, but so many travelers skip this item thinking it will take up too much room. However, that is a rookie mistake that a travel pro would never make! The truth is that getting wet in a sudden rainstorm can ruin your day and even your entire trip, which means that it is not worth taking the risk. Even if the day starts out looking bright and sunny, tuck a waterproof jacket into your large carry on backpack bag anyway. If you don’t need it, there is no harm done. But if a light sprinkle turns into a heavy downpour in the middle of your walk, you will be forever glad you prepared for the weather.

Big Travel Backpacks for Men & Women

Fortunately, many of the best waterproof jackets are also incredibly lightweight. Some of the bigger brands clearly highlight the weight of their jackets, and both men and women can easily find cute waterproof jackets that weigh under a pound. Better yet, you can find a travel backpack with plenty of internal volume so there is always room for your jacket. The Covert Case Duffel Bag C/O is a great example of a spacious travel bag. The bag holds an impressive 40 liters and is durable enough to protect your belongings whatever your itinerary entails. The bag is padded on all sides and boasts four grab handles, allowing you to take it just about anywhere. Internal compression straps keep your waterproof jacket, and any other daily items, in place and secure.

Covert Case Duffel Bag C/O - Pilot

2. Mini First Aid Kit

Nobody wants to think about getting injured while exploring the world. Hopefully, you won’t have any accidents when you’re on the go, but it is still worth bringing along a small first aid kit to use in the case of an emergency. Leave the big and bulky first aid kits at home, because they take up way too much space in your luggage. However, it is easy to fit a mini first aid kit right in your travel bag.

The best travel backpack for your trip will have plenty of space to fit in a mini kit, so consider either buying a ready-made travel first aid kit or making your own DIY version. A few of the top travel items you might want to include are painkillers, antihistamines, an antiseptic wipe, sterile gauze and a few band-aids. For those who pack last minute travel backpack bags, be sure to grab the first aid kit for any unexpected scenarios.

Osprey Transporter Backpack

3. Portable Charger and/or Adapter

Even if your idea of a great travel itinerary involves getting way off the beaten track, modern jet-setters still typically travel with one or two electronic devices. Fortunately, many modern backpacks are up to the task. The Osprey Transporter Carry On Bag 44 Backpack, for example, includes a rear tech compartment designed specifically to protect your laptop. The backpack also boasts smaller organizational pockets, a large interior compartment for clothing and a hidden security pocket.

These features make this the ultimate tech bag, because it holds all your electronic gear with ease. However, make sure you also leave room for a small portable charger. When you don’t have access to an electric outlet, that charger could be a lifesaver. In addition, or instead of, consider bringing along one or more adapters so that your electronics can be plugged in wherever in the world you happen to be visiting.


4. Reusable Water Bottle

Staying healthy when you are traveling can be challenging, but one of the best and simplest tips is to stay hydrated. Instead of spending a small fortune on drinks throughout the day, invest in a reusable water bottle that you can keep in your bag. Then, simply refill it as needed to help the environment and your budget.

Carry on Backpack with Multiple Compartments

A stylish reusable water bottle can be handheld, but it is much easier to find a bag with a designated spot for your hydration. The Timbuk2 Blitz Back Backpack is just one of many great options. This is a carry on backpack that can hold a lot more than you might expect at first glance, thanks to its spacious split-case interior. Plus, the bag has dual side-stretch pockets that are ideal for storing your water bottle so you’ll have quick and easy access when you’re on the go.

Blitz Pack Backpack

5. Scarf

Last, but certainly not least, it is worth bringing along a light scarf in your backpack when you’re traveling. It won’t weigh much or take up much room, but it can be a lifesaver in all kinds of situations, especially when you’re hit by unexpected weather. If you are going into a religious site where you need to cover your head or shoulders, a scarf will work just fine. A scarf can also keep you warm or become a basic pillow when you’re napping on a long flight.

Let the Right Backpack Improve Your Travels

The right backpacks can improve your travels, especially if you pack it well and are prepared for the excitement of the trip ahead!



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